Saturday, August 26, 2006

F16 in the sky

The Fighting Falcons are still a hardly regarded defensive fighter jet of the world. Probably one of the most produced modern US aircraft that is the most widely exported jet fighter has proven its worth time and time again. Though it has edge a bit along the decades, it is still continuing to upgrade and always perform a step greater than it predecessors. We can see it go on into the oncoming future and more even in the days when F22 is a clear and present futuristic aircraft to be made more and more.

The diorama is yet again simple and the anglei use takes away the groundwheels that this model has. I kinda painted the cockpit light blue as to not show the empty cockpit. To me, an empty cockpit in midair is just totally wierd and well not realistic. Quite detailed but yet again it lacks the depth in the painting. Oh well not too much more to say. But tune in to more pics. Flying off

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