Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Power of E shopping

Not too long ago, A guy by the name of Jon told me about his interest of Dragon Model kits and how down at my side of the world it is easy to get it and cheaper. I must say this isnt really the case. A lot of my modern ships that i have gotten require my dad to drop in and out of various places in China. From Hong Kong, Bejing to Shanghai,(And I live in Singapore) it really isnt a easy to find these stuff. Furthurmore, Dragon doesnt really cater to Consumers but more to retailers. There are still times when i can go to my small retail shop in Singapore to get the Dragon Kits i want but most of the time i have to pre-order which takes months if not years to come by.

My solution? There are a few of my models that i have gotten from none other than online shopping. Yes, it sometimes can be tiresome but ur best bet will always be First ebay, followed by online retail shops that cater to this stuff. So Jon, it is also quite difficult for me to get stuff, even the Forces of Valour models. But when i have my eye on something. i will search acroos the world to get to it through the Internet. MMmm where would i be without e-shopping :p.

Dragon rocks for land air and sea for me. But they come up with their modern series really slowly in a slow rate over the years. So well, guess we gotta live and let live.

;) ORD Loh!

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