Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Crossing

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An M2A2 and an AAVP71 making a crossing through a bridge onwards to a conflict zome in the outskirts of the Urban area in the desert. From their military oversea station in Israel, the DSHCC heads out to quell the threat of their enemies in the neighbouring territories.

The AAVP71 is an amphibious assault vehicle. Able to thread over water and also acting as a personnal carrier for a considerable amount of troops is by far one of the most efficient troop carrier in the DSHCCC arsenal and is also quite distinct in the Marine Corp as an iconic troop carrier associated with the Marines. Able to carry about 25 troops, it is a big factor on transport, but there have been claims and criticism of its poor armour. But overall its ampnbious assault ability enables it to be still adequate along with its capacity, though slated to be replaced by the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle or EFV by 2008, it will stay here for a while more.

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