Friday, November 24, 2006

Progress of the OH Perry.

Well since I last left off, the O H Perry Class or a.k.a Adelaide Class Frigate was about 1/3 done. Now Im already more than halfway thru. Just need to do a few touchups here and there, before i can make it the HMAS Sydney since i cant really be bothered to make many conversions to make a current O H Perry US Frigate. In current Navall News, Most of the Adelaide Class Frigates are getting and upgrade, including the input of an 8 VLS panel for anti aircraft missiles.
Well after this ship it will be onto either the new Flight 2A Arleigh Burke or the Ticonderoga Cruiser. Similar to my other hobby blog, I plan to complete all my Projects in Progress that are displayed by the end of this year. Well the next entry will be the display of the final product, The Adelaide Class Frigate. Stay Tuned

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A Defensive Sabre Hand Command Corps Naval Building Facility building for the Adelaide Class Frigate for the Australian Navy

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