Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The LAV 25 done!

Yes my final paint job of the LAV 25s. These are the minature collectibles. Got a sudden liking for them due to their mobility and resillence in Battlefield 2! With their Bushmaster M242 chaingun, they are fine representation of armoured mobility on wheels.

Speaking of Battlefield 2 though, its been quite a while since i last played it. Two of my comrades cpu are downed. Only leaving 3 active personals which hasnt been totally able to meet up to play :P.

Anyway, take a look at the LAV 25 :D For ur info though, the LAV 25 doesnt have an ATGM, only the LAV TOW variant does. Enjoy the pics!

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Two LAV 25s observing a destroyed BMP.

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LAV 25 in the marshes.

Another note to I recently discovered. If u military enthusiast remembered of the RAH-66 Comanche Attack Helicopter Project. Well it has been cancelled in Feburary 2004 to direct funds to upgrading and maintenance of current helicopters like the AH64 Longbow. Really late news, but hey, its jus me alone checking out for such stuff :p.

The Comanche has been put down along with the pic i have of it. Yes, i always keep updated with my photo gallery. As long as any War Vehicles Land Air or Sea have been decommisioned or put down, it will be deleted from my Pic Gallery along with being kept in the decommision containment area of my miltiary collection where most out of date stuff are. But perhaps it may come back. Who knows. :D

Signing off.

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