Monday, January 15, 2007

Back to Dangerous Waters

I have tried out the game again and have completed successfully 3 more missions. Well of which the last one i have use the see truth option which enable me to detect enemy and classifying them as hostile or non hostile upon contacting them on radar. Its far more easier than the having to classify ur own bloody self whether its hostile and allso what variant of ship it is. I guess to be a real simulator, u gotta be goddamn adapt and patient to play this naval game. And besides, From a ship to a Submarine, u most definitely need more than a dozen man to manned and put the ship in harm's way to combat against and enemy, while ur playing it solo on the simulator. Its hard. Rock Hard for me even as a naval ethusiast who enjoys making models of modern warships then land and air models. Hard to find any other hobbyist who shares the same interest.

Guess I will be using show truth in the many other missions i will be embarking. They have some missions where you must manually steer ur goddamn ship out of a fucking port, and tht is bloody hard and requires some fast forwarding of time as it takes a long time to get it out of port onur own without tugboats, even for an Adelaide class Frigate.

With that being said and as i said before, the reason the game got an 8.3 cos it is TOO DAMN REAL. Dangerous Waters is not for kids, teen, or even adults who jus wanna bash smash and kill, let alone shoot and bomb someone. Its is definitely for a cold hard naval enthusiast who loves the time to take to be involved in Naval COmbat.

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