Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Patriot Missle and the M983

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The M983 Transport carries a weapon that is of primary importance to the Missile Defense Shield against Ballistic Missiles. Also known as the Patriot Missile, the MIM-104 is a surface to air missile and has assumed the role as anti-ballistic missile (ABM) platform, which today is Patriot's primary mission.

It is the only anti ballistic missile system that has have successfully engaged and destroyed a tactical ballistic missile in combat and the only SAM system which has successfully provided a maneuver force with tactical ballistic missile protection.

Onto other news, the Ticoderoga has progress a little since the last ime and the Funnels of the Ship will be up soon. A photo will follow up promptly. With a breather of some good span of time in the hols, it should be completed and the next project shall get into play. :D

Onto other military news, just played BF2 after a long while, MUST BEAT My friend's 32 Killing streak which is insane, but not IMPOSSIBLE. Time to get me a new badge too followed by increasing my points closer to 20,000 to get tht Promotion. MUAHAHAHAHA.

Till next time. See ya

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