Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Production slowdown

As said in my other blogs, you will notice that time is not a luxury or in abundance. Plans or objectives i have setout for the last weekend, ended up delaying. Do not even have time to post entry with pics. One thing is for sure, for this week, i will at least do what was projected to be completed. Besides, the one week hol should come, by then i will setout to complete the Ticonderoga VLS and if im lucky, many more of the projects set out this year.

On other updates, i have played BF2 recently with WT and Qap. Got my veteran badge for Support Kit and Ammo Resupply. WOOHOO. Long way from officer though. But Ultimately still the best modern wargame in the market.

Next entry will definitely feature a new pic. So all you eager beavers, stay tune. Will be testing out my tabletop wargame for the land forces next too after doing both sea and air. So will give you an update and review soon.

See ya

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