Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Age Old Bomber that has seen it all...

The B52, since the end of World War 2 till present day. It has retain its role as the Strategic Bomber of the United States. For 50 over years, the B52 bomber has been in conflicts around the world, providing aerial bombardment for the United States. With a payload of 27200kg, it dwarves all bombers payload in the USAF. The Airforce intends to keep them till 2040 and if no bomber replace the B52H till then, its lifespan would be 90 years plus since the first B52 flew. A incredible achievement by any military aviation standards.

I present to u, the B-52H, Strategic Bomber, and Great Bomber in Aviation History

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The Old Bird in the sky... B52H Stratofortress

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On the runway before takeoff.. The B52H

News of the Ticonderoga VLS, similar to the other hobby of mine, the Ticonderoga VLS construction is at a halt. It will resume on a slow level as stated before. But will give u a picture update soon.

Falling Out!.

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