Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Game Im Gonna Get Soon

Here we have it. World in Conflict
A Game based on the "what if" scenario of the US getting attack by Cold War adversary Russia. Set in a modern day backdrop, this game has a great single player campaign with REALISTIC modern day units unlike their RTS counterparts like Red Alert that have really wierd out units.

This is a definite must buy for modern military enthusiast and it has also great multiplayer gameplay too.

You as a player take the role of one unit of either infantry, armor, support or anothe rrole which i have forgotten. Micro manage ur unit to victory and it involves fightnig in a highly detailed visual map.

Wikipedia should provide u better details into this game. As for me, im just suggesting and recommending a nice military game.

Trailers rock too. Check it out here

This is the official Trailer. An it looks seriously awesome.

This is the NYC invasion Trailer. Featuring the Song Shadow of the Sun by Audioslave and Lead Singer Chris Cornel. Love the song. The first time i heard it was on Collateral. Surreal song.

On another note, gonna start a military campaign game between WT and Josh which will be playtested by WT first followed by Joshawhen he comes back at the end of the year. Furthermore, the new batch of photoes has been done. Largely taken by Josh and with a lil direction from me, the photoes will be edited and ready for posting soon. You will probably see the first set by mid-year.

In any case, Josh shall also be contributing by posting some of the new entries and helping me out too and Im really glad to have an additional hand. Much appreciated by me to Josh. Cheers all.

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