Tuesday, September 01, 2009

M2 Bradley

Hey Everyone!

Thanks for your continued support and readership, it really drives us on to shoot our models and post them on this blog.

This time, we have JQ's M2 Bradley in formation with M1A2 Abrams tanks (note the sculpted CITV, Commander Independent Thermal Viewer).

The Bradley was designed as a response to the Soviet BMP family and brought one crucial aspect over the M113: the ability to move in formation. Interestingly, the M2 stores its fuel in the center, instead of to the left and rear in the M113A3 (which aimed to minimize fires in troop compartment). Although tests have shown that this serves to make the M2 more vulnerable, no modifications have been undertaken by the US Army, and the M2 was still able to serve as a safe vehicle for troop transport when hit by enemy fire.

It is intriguing to note that M2 development was marked with hierarchal opposition, as LTC Burton (who wanted to conduct rigorous testing on the M2) had to have the support of the press and Congress before he was able to conduct the tests he wanted...which actually resulted in a re-design that saw a lowered number of casualties in M2s.

As much as military vehicles are products of engineering prowess, they are still man-made products subject to politics and red-tape...and the very lives of the operators really depend upon the decisions made in designing the vehicle, which might add a sense of 'stress' for the designers!

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