Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bradley Car Crush

Hey Military fans!

Thanks for the great responses and the discussion that followed...JQ and I really appreciate your readership and support.

For today, we have one of JQ's micromachine M2 Bradleys crushing a hapless car that got in its way.

This was another one of those photos that was perhaps inspired by the boyhood fascination with tanks crushing cars under their sheer weight...for those C&C fans out there, the color scheme of this tank reminds me of the Nod light tank, which was actually a M2 in grey color scheme (not that I remember seeing one like that in real life).

Of course it is possible to state that it is indeed sad that wars have almost always occurred in the vicinity of civilian centers and cities, where civilians not only get killed by cross-fire, but are executed and even tortured for 'strategic purposes' or even ideology. Most of us are fortunate to live in places not touched by war, and yet can we remain blind to what's happening in warzones elsewhere? I find it somewhat disturbing that my life is completely detached from what others are going through right now in wars and insurrections (news on TV is perhaps the closest I'll get), and I wonder what can I do in response? Pray for peace? Donate money to the care of displaced persons? Preach against war and hatred for another?

Well, I hope I didn't bring down your mood for the day, and it's something that I've been thinking about. Thanks again for visiting this humble blog, and allow me to pass the blog back over to JQ!

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