Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Ubiquitous Humvee

Hey Everyone!

For today we have a feature on JQ's 'modified' Humvee micromachine. I guess it is quite noticeable many of our models (especially the recent posts) are all from the US..

I don't know if you'll find this piece of trivia interesting, Lamborghini, the famed makers of classics like the Countach, Diablo and MurciƩlago, actually made the Cheetah: a competitor with the Humvee for the US Army's search of a dedicated military transport vehicle. Considering the jeeps and mutts of the past, the Humvee provided a much increased level of protection for its crews, and yet it was found short of armor when it went against insurgents in Iraq.

Well, isn't it true that 'victors write history'? Looking at the present situation, we commonly believe that the Nazis were evil (I don't deny that, but I just question the wide generalization), the US did the world good through foreign intervention, Sadaam was an evil ruler ought to be removed etc. History is not as fixed as it seems, and can prove to be fluid under the influence of dominant parties. This happens in religion too, when marginalized groups get exaggerated beyond their beliefs, that they strike us as heretics. The West has a stronger hold on the media than other regions, and especially in the US...the news corporations are indeed very powerful.

On a model collecting perspective, maybe that's why there are much more US models out there than other nations...


Killers said...

Hi there. joshy. Its an interesting piece of work you got there.

The victor writes history.

I am an American, but fear not. I wont give a bias comment on your entry.

To a certain extent. The phrase does have a certain ring that echoes across the great nations, empires and civilisation of past and present times.

However, i don't think victors are normally branded as Good guys in anyway.

But it is definitely obvious to say that because of american pivotal global influence, it is marketable to market american products.

Be it models. I guess in a certain way, perhaps becos America was one of the victors of the war in WW2, it does play a part in their sphere of influence. But it is also due to its economical influence that makes them appealing today too.

Furthermore,victors don't make them right. I never think they do.

I know for a fact at least that liberals in our country know that the war in Iraq was a big boo boo. And you got to really be thick in the head to know it wasnt for the right reasons.

Politics is never clean. But as long as We as a Nation remain free and democratic. I can safely say the US can still be sor tof a global police for the world.

While i remain reserve on victors being heroes or good guys to say the least.

Humvees were never meant for high armor resistance. But i mean, which Light Vehicle in the world today would withstand a 50 calibre.

If they do, they are either less mobile than the Humvee. And if not, they are way less on the armor.

Food for thought

Joshua said...

Cool killer, thanks for the great comment man. Actually the Humvee does provide a relatively high amount of protection for a jeep-like vehicle, maybe I forgot to add that in.

The comment about victor's writing history came from one of my classes on the history of Islam, where I learned that Christianity, before Islam's rise, experienced great splits on the divinity of Jesus Christ, and that historical documents written by dominant parties often portrayed the opposition as clear heretics. Funny thing is, they both believed in Christ in similar ways.

Man, where in America are you from? I'm studying down in Dickinson College in Carlisle PA.

One thing I do really like about being in America is the openness of views that we have in not just expressing ourselves, but also to look into different perspectives on any topic under the Sun. Of course there are other things that come with such freedom, and for one I am not a fan of the conservatives...particularly on health care.