Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Harriers in the Horizon

AV8Bs Flying off

Greetings again. Sorry for the late entry. But as usual, it is the busy schedule and the hectic days that have brought me to my delay.

In proceeding today, we shall focus on the Harrier AV8Bs. These were the versions that were improved from the Original Harriers and were also adopted as a close air support for the US Marine Corp.

These VSTOL aircraft have been the primary aircraft that have remain as the one and only VSTOL close air support aircraft in the world. It is a capable plane that has the ability to have a vertical take off.

It has remain the dominant VSTOL aircraft for the best of 20 years or so, but it will most definitely be retired as soon as the F35 VSTOL version get into full production after development progress.

Nonetheless, it will be marked in history as a revolution in aircraft design and development.

On a sidenote, Josh and I have acquired Todd Mcfarlane's Figures, which look exceptionally awesome. The details are jus insanely good and also we have taken pictures that we will be developing soon.

I have also finally cave in and bought a 12 inch figure that i wanna equipped and make it look like a Modern Day Soldier of My own Army :p.

Model Progress for the Ticonderoga has been uberly slow and even as I have pending models to build an dpaint, Im considering to acquire GHQ products of the Russian Udaloy Destroyers and other stuff.

Money Money Money.. Going away real fast.

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