Monday, October 05, 2009

Harrier and His Wingman

Two Harrier II in B&W Tinge

Back again with this weeks post. And posted promptly. But i must say, my schedule is getting insane because I have exams that I will have to deal with very soon. (being a student, of course)

In any case, here is another view of the Harrier AV8B patrolling over the skies. I must say, the detail of micromachine doesnt make this picture that great. And even when it is an SLR camera, it doesnt really showcase the magnificent dynamic and structure of the AV8B Harrier Jet.

Nevertheless, it is a Micromachine, so it definitely lacks the details and makes up for durability to give kids around the age of 8 and beyond the advantage of crashing it around and playing with their Imagination in mind.

Still remember the days as an 11 year old kit getting my hands on some awesome micromachine military and playing with them. Some of the vehicles had great detail for that size..

Ahhh but gone are the days.. Because Galoob went to hell, Hasbro took over, Destroyed everything, and now you dun even see modern military in the toy department other than the Tamiya Models at the small corner. (Talking in retrospect to Singapore Mainstream Toy Department).

Well thats all for today.

Cheerios PPL.

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