Monday, October 12, 2009

Harriers Veering off

Two Harrier II on a flyby The AV8Bs making a hard right.

Hi there. This week, its still the AV8Bs.
Its funny. Me and Josh were just coming up with better ways to shoot the two harrier jets. But i guess after 13 years into Modern Military Models and also enjoying the beauty of detail and improving on the modelling side, i am not really satisfied with the picture as compared to our others.

What do you guys think?

Problem is, to make better detailed Micro Machine pictures, I will have to paint it over and put in my extra detail. Furthermore, Model kits and other collectibles take a long time to make it into an awesome sculpt.

But like they say. No Pain.. No Gain.

Regardless of it, I hope U like the pictures i have served up for you. I noe the entries are a bit bla dee bla bla.

But now, i will pass the time to Josh to feature one last closeup on the AV8B and many more cool stuff.

On a sidenote, the integration to an UBER hobby Blog will come soon. And hopefully, it will attract more of you guys and also be a good place for ppl who take interest in these stuff. As for modelling progress on my side, I have done nothing because I have nothing with me in KL.
That is because I am pretty sure I cannot accomplished anything during this period and hence i did not bring any equipment or models to do during this few weeks.

Im off to Kill my exams.

Till the next time, Stay tuned and enjoy reading.


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