Monday, August 24, 2009

Hey folks!

Welcome back to our little blog on military modeling, and thanks to JQ for posting up the past few batch of photos of our modern military models.

Continuing from JQ's previous post, we have another shot of our SCUD micromachine launchers, which are in the stage of deployment in the night. One of the icons of the Persian Gulf War, these missiles accounted for most of the coalition's casualties in the war, and even the patriot missile system had difficulty in effectively neutralizing the Iraqi missiles.

Call me a weird kid, but the MAZ 543 carrier was one of my favorite vehicles due to its distinctive look, and that I read more into Soviet equipment since US/UK equipment was too popular for my liking, and that Soviet stuff needed more effort in researching them.

The scud launcher right in the front was actually my first micromachine (which effectively kick-started my collection hobby), and it was given to me as a gift from a family friend, who has sadly passed on recently. He got it for me as I was a friend of his son, who also had a massive micromachine collection.

I guess this time I will be giving a different post than my typical "Nat Geo" style posts, as this post has brought to me a memory full of emotion, and it was admittedly something I had almost unconsciously forgotten over time. In a way, our models serve as 'time-markers' of our lives, and some models will bring to us particular memories we had in the past...perhaps even reminding us of humble beginnings since we were children, or even representing past wars and history making events that we had lived through too. Models can go very deep into our lives, much more than we think and expect!

God bless Uncle Bobby.

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