Tuesday, August 07, 2007

My Ships are up!

YES YES YES. Hell you may call me attention seeking but my pics of my models are up and featured in the model warships site finally under the Whats new section today. Furthurmore i have a dedicated page in the webbie. I am so happy as both ships got accepted and finally i can say my modelling skills are improving. :D

The Weblink is http://www.modelwarships.com/
You can see a pic of my HMAS Sydney frigate at the bootom right in the Whats New Segment. It will hyperlink to the Whats new today ships. MY ships are also featured in Frigate section and Miscellaneous for the model gallery for the HMAS Sydney Frigate and the DSS Lake Ticonderoga Cruiser respectively.

My page in the webbie is http://www.modelshipgallery.com/gallery/users/Lim-Jiaqi/user-index.html

(So motivated to do more now!!!) HEHEHEHE

Till my next ship and other models. See ya all.

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