Monday, March 09, 2009

The Red Star

A closeup on the wing of the Mig 29 and its Red Star.

The Red Star of the RSSR airforce
If u noticed. I lined the plane grill using the inking effect.

All in all the brush gives a rough feel to the planes texture and look. Not sure if it was a good thing. But there is still a pretty good clean slate finish which was what i intended.

The Mig 29 rocks. Still really dig them. The time which i first saw the Mig 29 in the movies was in Air Force One where they were sent to destroyed Airforce One. Really liked the design of the Mig 29 when i first saw them. Too bad the engagement between the F15s and Mig29 was short and really one-sided in the movie, which was kind of crappy. The whole American technology and superiority theme made the Mig 29s looked inferior which is no true.


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