Thursday, October 19, 2006

M2A2 Bradly on the Road by the Sunset..

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"A DSHCC M2A2 strolls down the lonely highway as it heads out to join the 10th Mechanised Infantry Regiment of the 14th Battle Command. Being part of the 101st Armoured Calvary Regiment, the M2A2 has a daunting task of eliminating personal and armoured threat in the Middle East terriotries that have been occupied by the Black Hawk Forces"

The M2A2 Bradley is an Infantry Fighting Vehicle capable of transporting a Section of Troops (that being 6 personnals), into the thick of the battlefield. Armed with a 25mm M242 Bushmaster Cannon and has the Side Arms of the Anti tank guided Missiles. It poses a threat and a deterence to both armor and infantry alike. Boosting a speed of 45mph or more, It is definitely a swift armoured machinery.

Too Bad Singapore's Bionix doesn't have the same ATGM attachment as the Bradley. It will make it a deterence against any formidable Main Battle Tanks.

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