Wednesday, October 25, 2006

BF2 WAAAGGGHHH!!! Dangerous Waters TUFFFFF

Recently, my crazed for BF2 has heightened. its funny, i had the game for almost more than a year but the funyn thing is i was still preoccupied by World of Warcraft, and due to the fact that there were server problems and high ping problems during the early stage of BF2, but now, its a furious time of playing and playing. The award, ribbon and rank system is a real killer. Good planning and way to renew people playing again and again. It really covers up the grinding of the game and playing with friends online makes it even more fun. The best of all is the unlocks and a human factor of awarding people. You get fucked real bad if u teamkill and u get negative points, and in order to get certain awards or ranks require people's commendation and high score. I must say it is a better ranking than WoW goddamn Battleground system. When you achieve a rank in WoW, u have to MAINTAIN.. which is really irrelevant cause once u earn ur rank it forces you to PLAY AND PLAY. whereas Bf2 it doesnt do that. Yes i must say there is grinding but every battle is different. Every battle relies on EVERYONE and not an individual. And it really depends solely on skill to be recognise, and you can stop anytime you want. There is no push factor forcing you to play when u dunt want to.

On the other hand, today i tried my hand again on the Navy Simulation Dangerous Water, well u noe ratings can be rather funny, cos the ratings for this game was an 8.3 which is pretty high for a game. But it was high cos its simulation of naval warfare was really extreme. I really like the navy but with only layman knowledge of Surface radar to Air radar, to Active and Passive Sonar, its bloody hard to play the goddamn game. Man, maybe Im not cut out to be in the Navy, it is sophisticated, it requires much to detect the enemies below the waters and a lot of guessing. Man the menu is 100 pages long compared to the tiny booklet menu of BF2. Sometimes i think it was a waste buying the fucking game. I was good in Fleet Command, but this game is to realistic for me. Ughhh... Will try again if not back to BF2!!! WAAGHH!!!

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