Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Apache on a Cliff

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The LongBow Apache is the ever present attack chopper of the Modern World. With Hellfire missiles and Auto Cannons, it is an ultimate tank killer that has proven worthy on the battlefield time after time.

On other notes: I have come up with a tabletop wargame for modern warfare that is based with some warhammer rules., due to my immense time i have. Been also playing Battlefield and have recently achieved the Rank of Sergeant! With 3 Unlock weapons now, its been a blast. Weiting has recently gotten BF2 and together Section Movement. GO GO GO!

WT's Game Review of BF2142: Apparently the less classes and multirole kits that the Game has to offer is to general and does not give the specialist type of gameplay which makes it rather unenjoyable. There are less vehicles aside from the new Mech and Air Units. The varying Customisable features is the up factor where as you earn your rank like BF2, the more inticate way you can adjust your kit to your needs. But the downside of 2142 is that it is not a world in which Modern Warfare Enthusiast and Realist can associate with. Not worth the buy if you alredy have BF2. For its transition from BF2 to BF2142 is like from BF1942 to BF Vietnam. To me that says a lot and i guess i will not be buying it and save cash for other items.

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