Sunday, September 03, 2006

Status of O H Perry


Well, the intended construction date was at the start of the end of October, but i decided to make a few starts to the ship. Firstly i wanted to undercoat a nice tinge of Light Bluish Naval Grey to the ship. To my dismay, my spray nozzle got clogged beyond repair, though i did remember that i cleaned it properly the last time. Thus i had to flat brush the major parts of the ship, though im still gonna spraycoat again. But looks like i have to buy a new spraybrush. Will put a pic of the ship undercoat soon on this post.

On other topic, The Dashland Defense Ministry is considering of buying another Force of Valour M1A2, Premier President Jiaqi, (me.. duh) is keen on getting a new set of tanks to boost up the already dominating armed forces in the world. Though conversions would be a menial task. Till next time

This is the Conscript signing off.

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