Monday, June 05, 2006

New Picture Taking of Models

Well Apparently all the pics shown are mostly from Old Models. But with Better backdrops and Scenery.

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Well this is my Arliegh Burke Class Cruiser. The DDG 54 Curtis Wilbur. Did a few refurbishing and repainting. Though I must say it is still in the painting quality of Fair. Though this was done a few years back when my painting experience was crap. Well Finally decided to make Scenic Backgrounds along with Props.

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This is my newly fixed model of the Leopaard 2A4. One of German's Modern MBT(Main Battle Tank). The Design is not as curve or sleek as the Leopard 2A5, but its firepower is one of the most fearsome, using the 120mm cannon similar to the M1A1. My backdrop is a rather primitive background of dark clouds. Though the foreground is something i stumbled upon to make the tank look like in a plains scene, using my Mum's pot.

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This is the F15 Strike Eagle (Fighter version). Different from the F15E as scene from the armanent. Main Airforce Fighter for the United States. Though with the F35 and F22 in testing and soon to be in mass production, the dominant F15 might lose its edge in the sky. Combat tested, its one of the sturdiest plane design i have seen. Well for this pic, i must say the background is quite standard, but my camera focus is rather bad. Really need to consider getting a better camera with higher mega pixels, Optical Zoom and Macro function.

Well thats it for today. My first posting for my Military Blog.

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