Thursday, February 07, 2008


Been playing around with the scenery along with the UH-60 Blackhawk. Here is another pic of a few Blackhawks in a helo base that are ready to move troops where they are badly needed. Their silouette giving a nice ambience of peacetime as they are not needed while the sun sets behind them.

I did a touch of blueish hue to make it look more surreal, amplifying a more abstract feel to the picture. Enjoy! :D

The Dawning at the Base
Sunsets.. on a DSHCC Helo Base.

On the modelling note.. I have completed quite a few vehicles.. Leaving only the Humvee and the Mig 29 left. But things are gonna be busy for me as it is the Chinese New Year Festive Season and i have to prepare to go overseas. So i will see how much i can do before i go off.. and probably plan on what im gonna bring to KL to do too.

Till then.. Cheerios.

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