Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wow another Website for Tabletop Gaming

Hey Hey, Im back even though I dun need to be. Well yet again, i have stumbled upon another tabletop gaming company that has been in the business since1967. Took me this long to find it. And they do Modern Military Warfare for both Land Air and Sea.

The Company is GHQ and it provides the best damn wargaming products ever. For land and air, the standard scale is 1/285, and on top of vehicles, they also have 1/285 scale men, though very small, i cant beleive they actually provide them so. Most of the Modern Warfare Vehicles, from MBTs to Armoured Personnal Carriers are being manufactured by them and they include many land forces elements that are from countries other than the US and Russia. This includes French Forces, Chinese, Israeli and many more.

Furthermore, with the small scale, u can field up to a mechanised company of vehicles or tank company and a battalion of troops easily in the tabletop game. On top of tht, there is room to play it all on a single large table and the cost of the products are not as crazy as warhammer. In fact rather cheap. For a Tank company with support vehicle, it will only cost 40 bucks or less.

Normally, most wargamming manufacturing companies would do only aircraft and land forces but GHQ goes the extra mile to do naval wargaming.. and furthurmore.. NAVAL Wargaming but at a smaller scale of 1/2400 which is super small.. but the detail is really crazy for its size. On top of tht. it is modern naval warfare and similarly there are quite a variety of ships offered in their company. Enough to make a proper fleet.

Here are some of the pics for the Land and Air 1/285 scale vehicles, aircrafts and 1/2400 Naval Warships and Submarines,

GHQ M1A2 Abrams

GHQ Infantry Men

GHQ SSN Los Angeles (The Naval Game even has Submarines)

GHQ UH60 Blackhawk

GHQ Infantry with Special Weapons
Note: All are according to scale

They even have the Ticonderoga VLS Cruiser. And look at the detail. Gorgeous!

GHQ AH64D LongBow


GHQ really open my eyes to the fact tht Modern Military Warfare Tabletop games exist.. HAhah but dont worry.. im already fixed on my 1/700 Naval Models and My Battlefield Evolution collection and 1/72 Land forces Collection and 1/144 Aircraft collection. I already have too many to handle and my hands are full. Not too mention short on $$$$

Perhaps Somewhere in the distant future, i might take up a Tank Company, a Battalion of Men with Air Support and Maybe a fleet of Ships.. But that will be far from now. As for now i will stick to what i have acquired.

So take a look at the sight and see all the genres of Military Tabletop gaming products at
http://www.ghqmodels.com/ I noe u will enjoy it (Josh).. and tris.. I hate u.

Anyway, on another sidenote, my reinforcements (2 Sections of Forces of Valour US Soldiers) have arrived and has been received by Joshua (Thanks Dude for the help). And more will come soon. :P

Till the next feature.. Toodle loo!

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