Sunday, October 21, 2007

Modern Military Warfare. I Love it!

Well I will be taking a leave from the Internet and my Computer as long as possible to do my work and revise for my exams. But one thing is for certain. I like the Shit(Hobby) tht i do, especially my military collection.

Will be starting up on my project again. Doing a major restructuring, maintainng and cleaning of my miliary collection.

As for now, yet another pic

On the road to victory? The DSHCC Forces have been in a long term conflict with the PTT Forces trying to liberate the state from PTT control in North African region. Is time runnig out for them?

On other note, Josh, my fren is interested in taking up Battlefield Evolution and trying it out wif me. If that the case.. Im gonna assemle a PLA Army to gear up. Was interested in Chinese Weaponary anyway. :D


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