Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Infamous Great Old Tin Box

Greetings! Im back!

And well i cut straight to the feature. Its the infamous tin box indeed. Used since World War 2, it has stayed relevant and has been produced more time than any other modern vehicle i have featured in this blog before.Im talking about the M113. It has been upgraded and stayed potent even in today's battefield.

Standard M113 APC can carry 11 troops, travel at an amazing speed of around 41mph and armed with the M2 Machine gun. It is also capable of being air-deployed. After more than 50 years in the service, it still stays relevant and has a designed which really like a lot.

M113, a golden warmachine of the modern era!

A Skull Commando Force M113 on the road.

Man, i have always had a thing for m113. Such a cute looking vehicle since the time i played C&C and got amazed at its design. Its a piece of old junk.. But a useful piece of old junk. I have commandeer one of the dozens of version in many armies and i must say, it is one of the most efficient APC int he world. In fact, i feel tht the M113 is the true definition of APC.

On other notes, nothing much to say. Just that by end of the year, i should have more new stuff to brandish. WOOT!.. till then toodleloo

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