Friday, February 02, 2007

Joint Task Force. A game i have bought.

Well people, I have stumbled acroos a game when i was in Johor Bahru, Malaysia a month ago or so. The game titled Joint Task Force, uses Command and Control gameplay similar to that of Command and Conquer, only that the Units are all modern day warmachines and personnal. With relatively high action strategies, and realistic scenarios, it isnt as outrageous or as non-realistic as that of the Command and Conquer game. Thus i feature it in my blog.

But with a Gamespot review of 6.5, it is quite a disappointment to the top-notch reviewer, as it explains how the game has no room for errors and how rigid the gameplay can be. And with no muc of a good plot, and too much micro management needed and lousy AI for ur forces u need to spoon feed it with the ltiniest of commands, it is hard to absorb and enjoy the great battle scenes and urban fighting. I trust gamespot a lot to brace the fact it might be a crappy game. But nevertheless, u will hear my own personal review.


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