Monday, April 20, 2009

Enterprise Class Carrier

The Enterprise Class Carrier

Hi ppl, i am back again. Hope you all enjoyed many of Joshua's informative and really cool entries

The dude has been a real partner in this military blog. He has also been an awesome help when it comes to doing what we enjoy most. And tht is taking good pictures of military collectibles.

Today, we shall focus on the BIG E.

i Cant recall my last picture in which i focused on the BIG E. But i am prety sure that this is the first horizon shot we have done on the ship.

The USS Enterprise is probably the oldest commission ship in the active US fleet at the moment. Furthermore, it is the oldest carrier in the fleet that has seen conflicts that spanned from post WW2 to the modern age. Form the Korean War to the Gulf War 2, the Enterprise has been the oldest and most iconic symbolism of US Supremacy on waters.

And it will continue to be until the USS Gerard R. Ford CVN-78 will replaced her. The decommisioning period is scheduled to be around year 2014-2015.

Its pretty amazing though. That the BIG E is already 47 years old. Some would say that it could be even older than your daddys and mummys. As far as i noe, all of my friends are way younger than the Big E.

To put things in perspective, the BIG E has outlast most of the ships during her commissioning period. She has also outlast majority of the planes that first set on her deck 40 years ago as well as accommodate for new planes on her flight deck.

The USS Enterprise is an inspirational piece of engineering and military might. And it would be interesting to find out what piece of marvellous engineering will continue to be a long and firm presence in the years to come.

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