Monday, May 11, 2009

In Fatigues

Hey Everyone

Give a hand to JQ, who has put up posts on the Big E and a little on the modern soldier for all of us! Well, he has once again handed the reins over to me, and I hope we are serving you all well.

For today's post, we will be looking at JQ's Forces of Valor US infantry:

In this picture, we see a lone rifleman with his trusty M4 carbine in the foreground, as his section pours over the urban battlefield for cover. DSHCC (JQ's alternate reality of the US) has been known in history to send troops on foreign deployments on a consistent basis, as the nation attempts to use its military might to combat opposing forces to its constitution, and sustain friendly satellite governments.

It often goes without saying that the assault rifle has truly had a remarkable impact upon infantry combat, and even the history of the world. Its invention has allowed combatants to wield weapons with automatic capabilities that generally light (compared to MGs), powerful, require little training, easy to modify (such as add-ons), cheap to produce (most are, of course there are some real expensive schnazzy ones), and offer a fine balance between range and close combat effectiveness. Assault rifles have become so ubiquitous in their use that it is uncommon to find that is has an overwhelming presence in the media today (news, movies etc.) Let us not forget that this technology has been a legacy of WWII, and even the term 'assault rifle' was coined by Adolf Hitler himself...

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