Monday, May 04, 2009

The Modern Soldier

Dashland Army Personal
Dashland (DSHCC) Troopers in a squad training excercise.

Armed with the latest weaponry and technological system, the Modern Day soldier is in its prime perfection.

This is a shot i have taken with the Battlefield Evolution Soldiers. Although there isnt much distinction from the soldier today in terms of its weaponry and armor as it was from World War 2. The upgrades and material improvements from yester years is phenomenal.

With new technology like GPS positioning system and also thermal and infrared imaging equipment, the common moden day soldier is able to fight more efficiently and direct strike support with precision.

But i must say that the equipment beared by soldiers of different countries are varied. I am pretty sure on a personal account that i wudnt be able to fight efficiently with the weight of the battle gear of a US Army Soldier. I would be slow and easy picking for machine gunners.

Now, its back to Joshua again, who will be doing a month long of post.

Im sure the dude will also be letting in on the stuff he is doing in terms of modern military models or collectibles. So stay tune ;)

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