Monday, May 18, 2009

Taking Aim

In this picture we have JQ's FOV US marines, looking at one of the marines who is taking aim with his M16A1. Urban warfare is deadly business. Past experiences have shown that cities make terrible fighting environments (like Stalingrad), and even quick reflexes cannot even save one from death. Survival by chance?

The grenade launcher on the M16A1 gives the infantryman an added edge in combat at the expense of added weight and bulk. Grenades are good for close quarter combat, able to neutralize an area of hostiles with a well placed throw/shot. At least for launchers, the enemy does not have the alternative to throw it back...

For those who played with M16A1s online, some players have exploited the grenade launcher in games, as it really provides a lot of killing power (aka instant kill). One good example I can think of is America's Army, where there's this map two teams start on opposite ends of a bridge. All one guy needed to do was to aim the launcher up at an appropriate height, shoot the grenade. With practice, the grenade can land directly on the other team's spawn point = instantly killing a few enemies at the start of the game.

On the hobby side, I have just finished my spring semester of sophomore year in college, and I will be looking to get an airbrush during the summer. Most probably going to get some acrylic paints and hopefully paint up two projects I have that need to get started: GHQ Soviet tank regiment (T-80 and BMP 3) and a MIG 19 Farmer.

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