Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Closeup on the Tu22

Hello Guys, Im back again after a month of exams and studying. Its good to be back and I shall continue of from Joshua's Introduction of the Tu22M.

Here is a Macro shot we did and i though tit was fantastic. Firstly, it gaved a nice touch on closing up on the micromachine. Secondly, the lighting and background were perfect.

Particularly like this picture among our shots on this particular take on the Tu22M

The Tu-22 Backfire on an Angle

Just another information to share on the plane, The Tu22M is nothing like its Tu22 brother. The designs look different. The external structure of the plane was also undoubtedly different in appearance. However, unlike its older brother, the Tu22M did not suffer the failures of the Tu22.

On a side note, the Tu22M in this picture reminds me of "thunderbirds" as this pic somehow gives a sort of 80s spacey like feel to the plane. Another sort of ambience the picture and more in particular, this plane, is that it looks like the type of plane that would be taking on Gozilla or helping Ultraman in his fight against monsters.

I dunno, but the whole look of the Tu22M reminds me of some past 70s or 80s feel and give me an impression of how designers of tht time envision whas a futuristic bomber would look like from their predecessors.

Other than that, I am please to announce that this next two months or so, I will be going intensive on my military models. I will be continuing my construction of the Ticonderoga VLS Cruiser and proceeding on to try and fix up as many othe rmodel kits and paint as much as possible.

After so many months of not doing it, I feel deprived and am urging to take up my paintbrush and step up the pace on model making. Furthermore, Im still brainstorming on the integration, and it will happen soon.


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