Monday, November 30, 2009

UH1 huey on Greenfield

Undoubtedly the Popstar and Father of Helicopters, the UH1 Huey is a testament to Leonardo Da Vinci's concept on a aircraft that could vertically take off and hover.

The Huey UH-1 Chopper

Vickers was talking about how the Uh1 Huey go hand in hand with the Vietnam War movie "Platoon". And i have to agree. The Uh1 Huey has always been an iconic helicopter. From Mel Gibson's "We were Soldiers" to "Rambo". Every Vietnam War scenario were filled with these warbirds.

And the evidence of their influence is still seen today around many parts of the world. Even in "Courage under Fire", a Gulf War movie starring Denzel Washington and Meg Ryan had the Huey as a medic helicopter.

As such, We pay homage to the UH1 Huey for being a darn good helicopter, putting men on hoverflight into the new century and the new era of warfare.

On a sidenoteL Sorry guys for the short entry, didn't edit it totally so i am extending it now. I'm gonna get to work on my models soon and will be updating you on it as i progress on.

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