Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fuchs APC

Hey Everyone!

Great load of thanks goes out to JQ for putting the posts up for the past 4 weeks, and for you all who come down and read the posts/pics we put up.

Today we're featuring the German Fuchs APC, again made by our favorite Galoob (Micromachines)

There's actually a pretty long story how JQ and I tried to guess what the APC was. On first impression, it looked like it came from the BTR series, only to find that the Russian APCs have 8 wheels, and not 6. JQ and I pulled our hair out as we scoured the internet for a picture of a similar APC. The closest we came to was the German TPz Fuchs, which matched the toy, but had an even spacing of wheels (which the toy did not have). And on a random ebay micromachine hunt, we did find that micromachines listed the APC as "panzer-transport" or something to that effect...indirectly confirming the TPz Fuchs identity.

So here it is...the TPz Fuchs (Fox), the 2nd wheeled armored vehicle serving in the Bundeswehr, first made in 1979. It's reported that the Fuchs can run with 1 or 2 wheels totally damaged. Interesting piece of trivia: maximum speed is 105 km/h (65 mph), which is pretty darned fast.

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